Visiting The Castle of Kórnik

 Place: Kórnik- Poland
What is so amazing about it?: Outside of castle, details inside and of course Arboretum- garden with plenty of trees all over the world.
Best time to come?: Spring/ Autumn


Kórnik is one of the most amazing castles which you must see when you are visiting Poland. Surrounded by moat and plenty of trees. Castle  is now under construction.
 First of all I had to wear those funny protectors on my shoes. That was so funny because floor was so slippery. It was really difficult to walk in it. Of course I had to pay  for ticket and separately for doing photos but not much ;).


Lest look inside..


Bedroom one of queens ( I personally think it is not comfortable to sleep in this bed.


Dining room with big paintings and crests on ceiling
Old armour


beautiful piano


and some details:


Vase from porcelain- my favourite one
little images of Polish kings and queens
crests on the ceiling




sculpture but I don`t remember who is this lady

showcase with stones




As you can see there is plenty interesting things to watch. Inside is also a little library founded by Tytus Działyński. Too bad it is closed for visitors :/

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